Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Knitting God Smack Down

Bless me, fellow knitter, for I have sinned. It has been 6 months since my last confession.

I have brought the wrath of the knitting gods upon me, and it is for the sin of Getting Too Big For My Britches. I committed this sin six times in the last month.  

First, I had the arrogance to assume that no more snow and the appearance of the sun for 10 days in a row meant that spring was here, and started to knit accordingly. I put my Cascade 220 cabled sweater aside and indulged my carnal urges towards lace and little socks. I sinned in my mind, too, adding little cotton short sleeved cardigans and shrugs to my Ravelry queue. I lusted after laceweight handpainted yarns on Etsy.  

Second, I thought I could knit a baby sweater for my friend's new arrival in something like a weekend. Not just a sweater, but a cabled cardigan of my own design, without swatching, in a sport-weight yarn I have never used. When that didn't work, I started designing and swatching in fair isle, in yarn that I don't have enough of and no pattern in mind.
Third, I have cast on 3 new first socks, none of whom have their mates in progress. I didn't seem to think this was a problem at the time.  

Fourth, I did the above knowing full well that the arrival of my Rockin' Sock Club May shipment is imminent. I then ordered new needles from KnitPicks because I am sure that all of the needles that this shipment might need already have socks-in-progress on them, but (oh, forgive me) plan to start them anyway.  

Fifth, proclaiming myself somewhat bored with all of these socks, I cast on a new lace project over the weekend just to take the edge off.  

Sixth, and this is the doozy...the one that led me to throw myself on your mercy: I thought myself capable of knitting a very involved, very complicated (but oohhhhhh so pretty oh...sorry, I'm lusting, and coveting my neighbor's finished object, that's probably bad too...) project for a very important gift-deadline that is very soon. So extreme was my arrogance that I immediately bought the pattern on Ravelry, joined the knit-along and ordered the (fabulously-expensive but totally worth it) yarn. I even dropped hints to the project's intended recipient. Said yarn arrived today, now 10 days closer to said deadline, and ... it's the wrong colour. I don't trust myself to dye it, the company that sent it to me was lovely and supportive about taking it back and doesn't make a true black, which is the colour I need, no compromise possible, and my LYS has nothing in the right gauge.

I respectfully submit that I have done some penance already, in the form of an imminent deadline, no dpns available to me, a frost warning for tonight, crippling guilt over no gift yet for my friend's baby and a credit card that creaks every time I move my wallet and $18.90 in shipping back and forth of yarn I did not use. I would like to respectfully suggest that I go away and do ten rows on the sweater and finish second socks as further penance. I beg your forgiveness, Knitting Gods. I am but a humble, weak, yarn-loving knitter (apparently with some A.D.D.), and I will never doubt your Power of Smack Down again.

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