Sunday, May 10, 2009


I have been pondering starting a blog for years, and never did because, even though I love to write, and even though I love to read other people's blogs, I never really could see a "point" to hosting my own.

Yesterday, it was brought to my attention that I have a habit of repeating Stories (not just stories, but Stories, those carefully crafted biographical anecdotes that get told the same way every time, usually to illustrate a point or recall a time or event that taught me something significant). We had a long talk about this, and, while I'm still trying to figure out all of the reasons why I might have this potentially very irritating habit, I think one of them is that, well, I LIKE telling stories. I like re-creating an event with words, I like colourful adjectives and attempts at clever metaphors, I like making people laugh, I like to be the entertainer, the court jester. Some of the reasons for this are good and some are not so good, but I figured it might be better to share my stories and random thoughts here than telling the few people in my life the same things again.

So here we are - I think I'll probably be blogging mostly about knitting (because thoughts about knitting are only interesting for so long to non-knitters, even the really wonderful ones in my life who will cheerfully wear hand-knit socks) but other things might come up.

I like lists. Here's one.  

Contributing Factors
1. I knit. Obsessively.
2. I am a musician. I made my living as a classical pianist for several years. I now play accordion in a Celtic Rock band.
3. I am madly in love with an incredible man who loves me back. He's also a musician.
4. I am technically in my 30s, but have no intention of ever "growing up".
5. I am a recovering anorexic.
6. I have three younger siblings, all of whom are artists of one variety or another.

Nice to meet you.

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  1. hello! and welcome to the blogosphere :) can't wait to read your stories and of course hear all about your knitting adventures.