Monday, June 22, 2009

Ask Me How I Know

What I learned this weekend:

Drummers not only have a lot of stuff, they have a lot of heavy stuff.

Carpenters not only have a lot of stuff, they have a lot of heavy stuff.

Both of these kinds of stuff, in addition to being heavy, are also of extremely high quality and have price tags attached to prove it. They also must be treated with care, stored with care, and - in the case of the drummer/carpenter in question, packed with care. For the drummer/carpenter who owns these heavy, expensive things also has the talent, skill and experience to transform these raw materials into more than the sum of their parts. And these things therefore deserve respect, both for what they are, and for the beautiful things that they will become through the work of his brain, his heart and his hands.

I know this because the drummer/carpenter in question is also The Love of My Life, and the house that he has owned for almost twenty years is going on the market the day after tomorrow. It's a beautiful, exciting new beginning for him, and for us. And it was a metric shiteload of work to get it all packed. But the new beginning is more than worth every hour we worked, and every bruise, scrape and sore muscle I have (which at last count was all of them).

And you know what else? I know longer feel the least bit guilty about my stash. It has the same potential, and deserves the same respect. And dudes? Yarn is a whole lot lighter.

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